EnZo PK70 Folders  


SECOND GENERATION with countersunk clip screws.

The PK70 is sweet to the eye and would be just as comfortable in the office as it would in the field. The simple slip joint mechanism with a distinct half-opened stop coupled with a 70 mm blade is designed for easy opening and safe handling.
Rock solid construction built to last.  This may be the last knife you'll ever need.  As always, you can depend on the excellence built into every EnZo product designed.

The PK70 was specifically designed to comply with the strict regulations required for legal carry in the UK and other European countries.

2nd generation has countersunk clip screws.

Overall Length:  160/92 mm
Blade Length  70 mm
Weight  80 g
Blade Thickness  2.5 mm
Steel:  CPM S30V
Grind:  Scandi (Sc) or Flat (F)
Finish:  Satin
Lock:  No lock; Slipjoint
Frame:  Stainless 1.2 mm
Clip:  Stainless
Washers:  Bronze
Screws:  Torx - 6; Pivoting Torx - 8
Bolster:  Titanium 6-4
Scales:  Interchangeable

PK70 Carbon Fiber
2901 EnZo PK70/Sc Folder
Carbon Fiber Scales
2nd generation

PK70 Carbon Fiber
2904 EnZo PK70/F Folder
Carbon Fiber Scales
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2nd generation

PK70 2905 EnZo PK70/F Folder
Black G-10 w/Bolsters
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2nd generation
PK70 2908 EnZo PK70/Sc Folder
Green Micarta Scales
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2nd generation
PK70 G10
2911 EnZo PK70/F Folder
G10 Scales
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2nd generation

PK70 2912 EnZo PK70/Sc Folder
G10 Scales
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2nd Generation
PK70 Scales 2812 EnZo PK70 Green Micarta Scales
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PK70 Carbon Fiber Scales 2811 EnZo PK70 Carbon Fiber Scales
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