EnZo Leather Sheaths

All sheaths have a belt loop.  Natural and dark colored, precision sewn and made of high grade Ox hide.
A welt in the seam prevents the blade from cutting the thread, adding stability to the sheath.

Will also fit the EnZo Nordic blades if you keep the handle fairly narrow.

EnZo Dangler
EnZo Dangler
1548 EnZo Belt Dangler  $12.00  AVAILABLE NOW!
This replacement dangle allows the user to quickly attach the sheath without having to unbuckle the belt.  
Made out of 1 inch wide brown bridle leather that closely approximates the original EnZo leather color.
Fits belts up to 2 inches wide.  Hardware matches EnZo antiqued brass.

Handmade in the USA!

Necker Sheath 1549 EnZo Necker Dark Brown Leather Sheath  $12.50
70 mm

Trapper Dk Brown
1558 EnZo Trapper Dark Brown Leather Sheath  $16.50
95 mm   

1558L EnZo Trapper Left Handed Dark Brown
95 mm Leather Sheath  $16.50
3 in stock

Elver Bushcraft Sheath 1551 EnZo Elver Bushcraft Sheath              $24.50
Fits blades 80 - 90 mm

bushcraft firestarter
1560 Bushcraft Sheath with Firesteel holder  $30.00
95 mm

Bushcraft Sheath
1561 Bushcraft Sheath  $26.00
95 mm
Dark Brown

Bushcraft Sheath w/firestarter
Reindeer   Curly Birch
1562 Bushcraft Sheath with Firesteel  $50.00
95 mm
Comes with the Curly Birch Firesteel

4406 Reindeer Firesteel  $12.50  LOWER PRICE
7 in stock

4407 Curly Birch Firesteel  $27.00  LOWER PRICE
4 in stock

Badger Bushcraft 1563 EnZo Badger Dark Brown Sheath   $27.00
115 mm

125 mm Bushcraft Sheath
1564 Bushcraft Sheath 125 mm  $29.25
Fits the EnZo Camper