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Our Fulltang line is especially designed for hunters and outdoorsmen. Precision made blades in every detail.
Convex Grind (Cv)

The steel available is:

D2 steel is one of the best knife steels. It is a tool steel and has very good hardness and wear resistance, while still maintaining some
rust resistance due to high Chromium content.

C 1.55%, Mn 0.3%, Si 0.3%, Cr 12%, Mo 1% Hrc 60- 61

One of my customers has the following tips for EnZo blades in D2:
- if making other than slicing cuts in soft materials (not including bone or wood with knots), make sure the blade has a microbevel at the
edge, to avoid chipping. This way, even chopping will cause no problems.
- use aluminum oxide stones/waterstones for sharpening if you want quick results.
this steel is not stainless, so it needs to be wiped dry if it gets wet. However, D2 will not oxidize as quickly as simple carbon steel, so your
blade will remain bright with minimum care.

October '08 Knives Illustrated: "If I wanted a beautiful knife in a more traditional pattern that takes a very good edge,
the EnZo Trappers stands head and shoulders above the rest".

Please note that the blade finish may differ from the picture.

EnZo Badger Knife
2090 EnZo Badger Knife D2/Cv  $125.00  LOWER PRICE
Blade Length: 115mm

Blade Width: 26mm
Blade Thickness: 3.6mm
Total Length: 225mm
Weight: 142g
Ground: Convex
Finish: Satin
Handle: Black Canvas Micarta
Sheath: 1563 Bushcraft, Dark Brown, Thick Spanish Leather