Damascus Necker Knife Blade   

They are small, handy blades and provide a number of options to be creative with traditional or modern handle materials.
The holes also provide the ability to use Corby rivets, Loveless rivets, and lanyard tubes.

The Enzo Kydex sheaths do not fit these blades well as the blades are 4 mm thick versus 3.2 mm for the EnZo Neckers.

The 1549 EnZo sheath should work well.

Damasus Necker 16004 Necker 70 Damascus/Flat  $50.00
Blade Length: 70 mm
Blade Width: 22 mm
Blade Thickness: 4 mm
Total Length: 160 mm
Weight: 50 grams
Holes: 1 x 4.65 mm, 1 x 6.4 mm, 2 x 3.1 mm
Grind: Flat
Steel: 1095/O1 HRC 58

The one I have left in stock is slightly wharped.  Discounted 20%  $40

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